Welcome to Karen's Quality Childcare
 Welcome to Karen's Quality Childcare

My Setting

To ensure that the children experience a variety of activities and environments I include regular visits and outings.  

Your child may be taken to:-

  • parks,

  • nature reserves,

  • the sea side, 

  • open farms,

  • woods, streams, ponds, etc,

  • aquariums, 

  • dance classes,

  • childminder drop-ins, 

  • football training,

  • soft play areas,

  • the local library,

  • children's centres,

  • community groups,

  • museums,

  • Zoos, Safari Parks,

  • and lots more.


Note the majority of outings are included within the standard childcare fee, 

only if we are visiting a very expensive place such as a zoo, or a safari park might you be asked to contribute, but if you prefer not to, this is fine we will visit an alternative venue.


Getting around - sometimes we travel on foot (I have a selection of buggies if required, single, double, triple, etc), or in my car (I have a people carrier with 7 seats as well as children's car seats), or by train, etc.


Within my home the children can access a playroom which has a wide variety of toys, games, activities, etc. We have a large number of books for the children to read or listen to. The children love music and I provide daily opportunities for singing and dancing, we have a variety of musical instruments for the children to make their own music. We have a kitchen and shop for the children to play with - learning about food, cooking, money, measuring, etc. We have stories most days and I have a selection of 'story boxes' which the children often borrow over the weekend. The children also enjoy craft activities, from junk modelling, to collage, painting, etc. We have a large selection of costumes and accessories for dressing up and role play. You are welcome to browse around the playroom when you visit my home. 


In my garden I have a large grassed area for the children to play on with slides, rockers, etc. I also have a covered area where the children are sheltered from the elements whilst still in the fresh air. We have a 'dinosaur swamp', pirate ship, noisy corner, story corner, balance beams, musical instrument, sand box, bikes, scooters, sit'n'ride cars, and a playhouse. We also grow some fruit and vegetables in the garden. Again you're welcome to view all my facilities when you visit.


Children are encouraged to make choices whenever appropriate and in so doing they develop self-confidence and independence in a safe environment. 



Settling in to a new environment can sometimes be difficult for a young child.

To make this transition easier you will be able to leave your child with me several times before the contracted childcare commences - I find that these short 'taster' sessions allow children to gradually get used to my setting and the other children in my care. 

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