Welcome to Karen's Quality Childcare
 Welcome to Karen's Quality Childcare

What are we planning?

Sports Day

We're going to hold a 'sports day' in my garden during the summer holidays. We'll be joined by other childminders and their children and we'll have games and races for all ages and abilities. We'll then be having a picnic for all the participants finishing with a medal ceremony. Should be lots of fun. Look out for photographs of our 'sports day' soon.

We're Going On A Bear Hunt.

We'll be organising a 'bear hunt' in the local woods, which will involve several childminders and their children meeting up for a picnic then going to search for bears!!! They probably won't be real bears but who knows?

A day out at Brockholes

We're going to visit the nature park at Brockholes, there'll be lots of things to look at and investigate including the visitors centre on the floating island. We'll definately be putting some pictures on the website from our day out there.

Smithills Farm.

We love a day out at the farm, taking a picnic, stroking and feeding the animals, going on the donkeys, riding on the tractor trailer, and playing on the outdoor playground.

We'll be sure to post some pictures on the website of our fun days.

'K Fest' - our very own kid's music festival!

Recently we've had a kid's music festival in the garden  - we called it 'K Fest'

We invited some other minders round with their mindees and we had tents, waterproofs, wellies, facepainting, games, music, dancing and singing. Live entertainment was provided by some of the children, the youngest performer was only 2 (excellent). They were all absolute super stars!!!

Obviously it rained.......... as it seems to do at all good music festivals, but the children had a brilliant day regardless! We're looking forward to repeating this in a few weeks it was so much fun! 

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