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 Welcome to Karen's Quality Childcare


All childminders have to be registered with OFSTED and are subsequently inspected every few years. I was thrilled to be given an 'Outstanding' grading again in my most recent inspection in 2012. 

OFSTED inspections are available to view on their website: www.reports.ofsted.gov.uk

By entering my URN: 315556, you are able to read my OFSTED report in full.


See below quotations taken from my OFSTED report 9th November 2012

This provision is outstanding 

The childminder has an excellent knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage and how children learn. As a result, all aspects of children's care, learning and development are significantly enhanced.

All children are extremely confident, settled and fully engaged in what they do. They are highly motivated, ask questions and are active learners.

The childminder offers inspiring activities which support children in learning new things and helps them to make as much progress as they can.

Superb relationships with parents and partnerships with other professionals are firmly embedded in practice. 


The childminder is an extremely positive role model and builds warm relationships with children, which helps them to form secure attachments. Children behave exceptionally well in the setting. This is because the childminder offers clear explanations and involves the children in decision making. 



Highly effective systems of observation and assessment are used to accurately monitor children's progress as they work towards the early learning goals. The childminder undertakes baseline assessments, which allow her to know children's starting points when they first start attending, so that she can plan to develop their knowledge further. 

Quality Care

The childminder gives the highest priority to ensuring she offers a high level of quality care and excellence practice to children and families. She continually evaluates and rigorously reviews her procedures and documentation, and this helps to ensure that constant improvements are identified and effectively undertaken.



Resources and Activities

The environment is highly engaging with a wealth of resources which are very accessible, allowing children to make independent choices. The childminder plans activities based on children's interests and what she knows they need to learn next. 


The childminder creates innovative learning opportunities throughout the day and children quickly become engrossed in activities and learning. The childminder has highly successful partnerships with parents and other professionals which support children's individual needs superbly well.



Healthy Lifestyle

Children are knowledgeable about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and discuss topics, such as healthy food, strong muscles and keeping fit. They develop an understanding of healthy eating through a range of nutritious snacks and meals.


The childminder gives the highest priority to children's safety. She has rigorous written risk assessments in place which cover aspects of the home, indoors and outdoors and ensures children's safety when they are on trips and outings. This means that children are exceptionally well protected and have an understanding of the safety of others.




Overall, the childminder creates a warm and friendly environment where children relish in learning, confidently asking questions and exhibiting a high level of engagement as they partake in a wide range of different activities.

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