Welcome to Karen's Quality Childcare
 Welcome to Karen's Quality Childcare

All the legal stuff

Prior to your child being placed in my care you will need to:-

1)  Complete an 'Information Form' about your child

This ensures I have the necessary information about your child, e.g. who may collect your child, emergency contacts, details of any allergies, any ongoing health issues, etc.


2)  Read and accept my Policies & Procedures and sign an acknowledgement

Here is a list of my policies/procedures:-

Accident and Emergency policy.

Alcohol and Other Drugs policy.

Behaviour policy.

Complaints policy.

Confidentiality policy.

Evacuation procedure.

Food and Drink policy.

Illness and Infectious Diseases policy.

Inclusion, Equality and Diversity policy.

Lost or Missing Child Procedure.

Medicines policy.

Outings Policy.

Parental Involvement Policy.

Risk Assessment Policy.

Safeguarding Children policy.

Smoking Policy.

Special Educational Needs Code of practice.

Uncollected Child Policy.


3)  Sign a 'Consent' form

This is to confirm that I have your permission to:- administer 'First Aid' to your child, take your child on public transport, take photographs of your child, etc.


4)  Complete a 'Parental Questionnaire'

For children in the Early Years Foundation Stage I will ask you to complete a Parental Questionnaire to help me assess your child's developmental level and ensure that I provide appropriate learning activities to help them achieve their potential. 


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